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She is my fave singer! She has the most magical voice and I love her song so much. She also has short like which same like mine. I want the world to discover her, but I also want to keep her only for myself. All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend is her debut studio album. I know her after listening to her EP albums and fall in love just instead from the first time I heard her song. Her live performances are also dazzling, odd yet impressive, she makes strange body movement but it’s just her unique style that makes her one of a kind. Her song is not mainstream and hardly found on the top chart of people’s favorite radios. But she is something. She will make a bright career ahead for sure.

Track List:
Running With The Wolves
Winter Bird
I Went Too Far
Through The Eyes Of A Child
Half The World Away
Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
Nature Boy
Wisdom Cries

In this album, her voice is ethereal. An angsty melodrama. Bubbly and positive but also demanding. Light yet violently haunting. The uniqueness, for AURORA, comes not in the sound, but in the message – a somber look at life veiled with a thin frosting of optimism. This will be the album I would listen for this entire month.

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