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You know, I am in love with the sea. And by the name, I fall in love. And by their music, I fall for them harder. Seafret is a duo formed by Jack Sedman and Harry Draper in Bridlington, UK. The name Seafret, as well as being a pun on the guitar fret board, is also a local term for the two boys; it applies to the rolling mists that come in off the North Sea during summer. Now living in London, the sea is what the duo miss the most. The first song I heard was “Oceans” dan “Atlantis”, which I really love from the very first start. My most fave song from them is “Be There”. I love all the songs, their whole album.

Track List:
Give Me Something
Tell Me It's Real
Be There
Beauty on The Breeze
Skimming Stones
There's a Light
To The Sea
Out of Nowhere

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Their debut record in 2016 Tell Me It’s Real with 13 pieces. Acoustic, genuine and full of emotion with simple yet poetic lyrics. About relationship, longing and love. Heartbreaks and broke ups. The sound of the acoustic guitars and some upbeat percussion. They have their own mantra which spellbind their fans in their own kind of way. They have their own kind of loyal listener and I am one of their fans. For those who seek for emotional lyrics with calming guitar tune, I really recommend you to have this album.

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