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“Once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
I don’t like meaningless things
Pointless people doing pointless things
Going back to 199X
denim and choker all over
90s fashion is a mess, the worst era ever
But I love 90s vibe
I am a 90s kid after all

I bought Andersen’s book, yes a classic. I have watched all Disney fairy tales and re-watch them for couple times. When you realize that not all fairy tales come with a beautiful princess and a handsome prince with a happily ever after endings. Yes, not all fairy tales is about happy endings in the end. One of my favorite fairy tale from him is, of course, The Little Mermaid. I like and also dislike Andersen’s fairy tale. Andersen’s stories are dark, beautiful and sometimes so scary. I love how brutal it was, and also how gentle it could be. Merciless but also sympathetic and tender. It scares you but you can’t hold the book down. A traditional stories with dark truths to be told. Fantastical, gritty, funny, sad and everything real writing should be. A classic storytelling which will stand the test of time. The stories will screw you up, but if you put them down, like I almost did, you are going to miss out the greatest classic children tales ever.


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