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We don’t need a reason to help other people.
People help the people
Yes, we will always need others in our life
We need someone to hold on to when we are weak and someone to share our happiness with
And if you have never learned the meaning of true friendship, you haven’t learned anything.

As a vintage lover and a thrift hunter, there is a shop across the coffee shop that attracts me: Smile shop. As its name, smile, this shop is held by Yayasan Senyum Bali, an independent non-profit organization to help children with craniofacial disabilities to get surgeries they deserve so they can smile like other people do. Smile shop sells things like books, clothes, CDs, DVDs, toys, other things donated, and the funds from the sold donations are used to help them. I bought some books and music CDs from the shop. I guess this shop will be my must-visit one when I am in Ubud since I love books and music so much and I am eager to look at new donation supplies.

If you have time and you are around Ubud, and you like to hunt some old books, CDs, DVDs or vintage clothes, or maybe donate some supplies for donation, you can visit this shop located in Sriwedari Street and one in Nyuh Kuning Street, Ubud. Spread the love and help those children to gain their prettiest smile.


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