She is back from the moon. She is here now to tell you a story. A story about a girl who is in love. She is awkward. ...

She is back from the moon. She is here now to tell you a story.
A story about a girl who is in love.

She is awkward. She is shy. She is a bit conservative. She is not like other average girl you see //

She loves fairy-tales. About princesses and their dream-princes. Pretty love stories with happy endings. Her muse. Idyllic pairs. She is a hopeless romantic //

She loves the sky. The sun. The moon. The stars. The clear blue one. The orange sunsets. The pastel candy-cotton. Pretty lights. Pretty flowers. She sees beauty in everything //

She always looks at you. Like magic. She might not always tell. But you are like magic to her. No, she never tells, she never will //

She loves to talk to you. Basically she loves to talk. A lot. But she’s eager to hear about you. She waits. To you to share about yourself. So, talk to her. About anything. About everything //

She loves it when you hold her tight. When you hug her. When you hold her hands when you walk together. Hold her hands. Never leave her walk behind you by herself. I tell you, she will be very sad if you do //

She loves the beach. So ask her to see the beach frequently. For a little picnic date or just for a walk. Let her play under the sun with her pretty little dress and her beach hat. I am very sure, she will be very happy //

She always asks about many things to you. No you don’t have to answer it all. Your willingness to make her happy is what she waits. In your very own way.  A bit of sugar won’t hurt, darling. Plan something for her. A simple sweet thing. Over and over again //

She may feel insecure almost all the time. Calm her, hug her, say good words to her everytime you see her feeling not okay //

She loves to take pictures. She loves to collect memories. Every single moment she treasure. Make good picture with her and she will keep them like gems //

She loves to make a scrap book too. Like a little diary with piece of photos and quotes. She writes about her life, her dream, future she wants to pursue. And she writes about you. She writes about you a lot //

I hate to admit it
but yes, it is: love life
Please, don't break her heart.

Photos by: Suwita Sari

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  1. I love your style in this pic and also I love your writing about your self too. ~Yudira~


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