She just wants to be beautiful Just like every other girl The standardize beauty which is based on their outside look Now yo...

She just wants to be beautiful
Just like every other girl
The standardize beauty
which is based on their outside look
Now young girls crave for attentions
dream to be envied
praise image of what society call pretty
Girls try so hard to fit in
to be beautiful

People usually define many things by numbers. How aptitude can be measured and compared. From how much money you can get, how many followers you have, how popular you are, how many people who know you. But, talent is not popularity. Caught up in a popularity contest, which unfortunately often has more to do with good looks rather than actual talent. The quality of an artist is not determined by the amount of followers they have, nor by the money can they make. Not by how many great people they know or who know them. Someone with talent isn’t always popular, and someone popular isn’t always talented. Talent is an abstract concept, a gift, aptitude, a natural ability. You cannot measure it as you measure popularity or money. In my concept, art supposed to give you ideas, inspire people and make you feel certain feelings through. To send messages to others through their work. And when you understand this concept and appreciate it as it is then everything else is irrelevant. Anything else is unnecessary and such contest isn’t worth the effort. Validation comes from within.

So my message here is don’t let anybody’s opinion or words wound your exquisite. There are millions of ways for people to tell you what to do, what is cool and what is not, what is beautiful and what is not. You are preoccupied with what society tells you, about being cool and beautiful, but who are they to define you. The message here, for all girls and of course myself too, don’t get hurt when you can’t fulfill society’s orders. Feeling underrated, feeling down or hurt, no, you don’t have to. Something more important than being cool, being beautiful or being whatever the society tells you is to be happy. Don’t let what others think and say about you be an echo in your mind and be a part of how you see yourself. The moment you realize you are not the opinion of someone else that is where you find your beauty. This is for all girls out there, there are no scars to your beautiful, darling.

Finally the I meet the sea again
and I love how they always sparkle
Sea dancing, wave playing
If I have spare time, I’d love to spend days facing the sea
with a good book to read
just sitting there
doing nothing
just enjoying the sea.

Photos by: Suwita Sari
Currently listening to: No Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara 

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