12:39 AM

Track List:
Blue Jeans & Tattoos
Dreaming in C
To Fall in Love With You
Mr. Harmonica
Without Me
Special K

"Daisy we could be poor with no sheets on the floor And I'd be warm through the night With your arms around me tight  Old I'd stay anywhere with you I'd stay anywhere with you" - To Fall in Love With You

Track List:
You + the Sun
Winning Team
An Anthem for Skeptics
Liquor & Pearls

"Daisy, Daisy remember the night I took your hand Please forgive me I hope one day you'll understand That you to me Are a broken dream" - Marcus

Current band on my playlist
High-energy-sunshine-folk genre
Whistles, stomps, claps and shouts scattered together.
I also love Katy McAllister’s and Jonathon Jones’ voices
and the name Daisy,
my stage name if I have to choose one
listening to them give me that happy mood
the uplifting and carefree feeling
to love and to be loved
love is fighting together
love is as simple as that
And here, another indie band I love to listen

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