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"So let me go up there, I can be fresh air, stay with you all night." I am listening to snow patrol again lately, kind of missing this band. Moreover now it’s raining here in my place, so with the cold and foggy overcast it would be a perfect lazy day with your warm blanket and I could listen to them over and over again.

Cloudy sunsets today at the beach. Windy and wavy also. And it’s been raining for days. I have no specific plans and just studying for my national exam next month. Since I can’t do anything, sometimes I get a bit bored, but I just have to patient until I finish all this last stuffs. I am a bit disappointed with myself in the last department in my clerkship. I thought that I could make it, but maybe I am not meant to be one. And now I am regretting it, I could have been better. That was the last department and I didn’t give the best of me. So now I don’t want to stumble on the same mistake again and I would be all out in my last exam. I don’t want to regret anything anymore.

Another random thought is that I am amazed by how time can change people. Change in a good way. I went for an unexpected night out with my high school best mate, we went for a nice night snack. We usually talk about so many things when we meet and so did this night. And when I remember how we were in high school, we are like completely different persons right now after 5 years. From a young and immature high-school-ers now we have a wholly new vision and perspective about life. For these 5 years, we grown, we learned, and we developed and I hope we become better persons than we are before. How time can change someone this significant.

February, please come faster. I want to pass the exam and I can't wait any longer to see someone very special. February, please come fast. xx

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