12:04 AM

Sometimes you need time for yourself
Your moment of solitude
To heal a broken heart,
to stop being in your depressive state
your state of reflection
to refuel your soul
distance yourself from voices of the world
so you can hear your own

Dear, Ocean…

2016. I ended my 2 years clinical rotation. And I am very grateful for everything. Every lesson I learned, every moments I experienced. I will have national test for my doctor title early in this year. So many lucks for me and I wish I can graduate this May. So excited and also nervous about it. Eager to know more and learn more ahead. So many things to study and so many places to explore afterwards.

2016. I realized the field I am studying now is really difficult. It required hard work, willing to study for a lifetime, a gentle and caring heart, and your time. It’s tiring, of course. You spent 24 hour in the emergency ward, of course it is really tiring. You may study for the rest of your life, many new discovery of human body, diseases and how to treat them. Learn to be emphatic, be understanding and also comforting. And you have to sacrifice most of your time doing what you’re doing. There are no part-timers. This is what I choose and I am not going to complaint about it at all. I choose this field and I know all the consequences. And I believe this is what I dream, this is what I want to do in life.

2016. I realize that I am an introvert. Not in love being alone, but sometimes I need to be left alone. I respect privacy a lot and I don’t let anyone barge in easily. I love being by myself, being outdoor, left with a book, looking to the sky from a rooftop place, sometimes we really need that moment of seclution for ourselves, our body, our mind, our soul.

2016. I am sick with how vulgar the media are, how internet and all of their social medias change society. And I feel I wasted so many times on unnecessary internet use and most of them are for social media. I do agree that we all need internet in this era of globalization, but of course in a smart way. And I don’t want to be disturbed with any unnecessary internet use and unimportant social media stuffs anymore. Switching my phone to airplane mode because I want to be more productive, productive in the “real” world not in that world.

2016. I also realized that body is just a shelter for the soul. Nothing to be obsessed with it. Nothing to be obsessed with beauty, handsomeness, complexity, anything with the body. I prefer something else, like soul or mind. I am the type that will fall in love easily with beautiful soul, kind hearts, braveness and sincerity. I am interested by far with creative minds, charming brains, intelligence and brilliant ideas. Don’t ever worry about anybody else’s beauty because there will always be someone prettier than you and you should know that basically every creature is beautiful. Get out of that obsession and train your own soul to be beautiful and work you mind to be creative, charming and brilliant. Stop being so basic.

I wish you all a happy new year
I hope 2017 will be a great year for all of us
And I hope a different New Year’s Eve experience next year instead of just staying home

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