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Another music I’ve been listening to lately
A blend of folk pop, indie pop and pop music
Lively and happy
A band from Brooklyn formed by 2 singer-songwriters Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard
3 extended plays: With Love (2013), Sincerely Yours (2014), Wish You Were Here (2015).

Track List:
With Love (2013)
I Love You Will Still Sound The Same
Be Okay
Lonely Neighbor (What Am I To You?)
Get It Right

Sincerely Yours (2014)
Don't You Worry, Love
Take All The Time You Need
Until You Let Me
Cracks in The Floor Of Heaven

Wish You Were Here (2015)
Sugar, You
It Can't Rain Forever
A Thousand Times

"So when our eyes have seen their better days and our hearing starts to fade, put your arms 'round my neck and your heart on my chest, "I love you" will still sound the same."

"Maybe the cracks in the floor of heaven are the stars in the sky."

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