ASAMULA .  From 2 Indonesian words  “ Asa ” which means hope and “ mula ” the beginning The beginning of hope. Ma...

From 2 Indonesian words 
Asa” which means hope
and “mula” the beginning
The beginning of hope.

March 4, 2017
I was invited to the Grand Opening of ASAMULA at Samasta Lifestyle Village Jimbaran, Bali
So much fun
So many new friends and great people

More than 10 brands displayed
Sejauh Mata Memandang, Seratus Kapas, Tulisan, Tayada Batik, Stella Rissa Resort, KaIND, Lima Watch, Epa Jewel, Mao Mao, F Widiyanto, Petang Hari, Kandura, Gaze Eyewear, Geulis, Studiokaen, Loev, Srou, Teresa Mutiara and many more.
I can really feel the sole of Indonesian identity
from the fabric,
the name of the brand,
the design,
the ornaments,
and the concept
The shop is filled with Batik (so many batik!)
minimalist design of clothes, clean cuts, earthy and warm colours. ME LOVE!

Gaze Eyewear

Wooden watch from Lima Watch

Fashion show Grand Opening ASAMULA BALI, Indah Kalalo, one of Indonesian model is on the runway

Wildfire from Teresa Mutiara. Really love this bohemian sandals!

This is me with Jay and Bu Sofia from ASAMULA

I am a sucker for Batik and other Indonesian traditional fabrics (which are so many)
I love how we can wear our national identity out loud in a so-recent and modern way

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