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I really enjoy looking at the sky. It gives me peace. I feel less lonely.
I feel everything are so close yet they are so far.
I also feel like the sky has heart, just like human does.
The sky is happy, when the color is light blue with golden sun rays all over.
It is sad when it's covered with clouds.
Depressed when it's gray and gloomy and about to rain so hard.
The romantic feeling of the sky in the afternoon when the sun is going to set with pastel purple and pink atmosphere.
And it's energizing when you look at the sky in the morning, when the sun rises from the east.

The sunrise viewed from the balcony of my bedroom on Nyepi Day
It was Nyepi day.
That one day where Balinese people stay at their home
not going anywhere,
no vehicles/machines use,
no sound,
no television,
no celular phone,
no lights at night
It's a day of silence, as what the word "nyepi" means.
A day of seclusion to celebrate Caka New Year or Balinese New Year.
It's only one day, on of my favorite more than my birthday
And I can tell that the sky when Nyepi in Bali is the prettiest of all around the universe!
The sunrise in the morning was so quite, warm and peaceful
and the stars at night is unforgettable.
The darkest night really do produce the brightest stars
and look up there, look how they shine for you...

The stars at night, the brightest sky I've seen this whole year.

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