“Cause we’re the masters of our own fate, we’re the captains of our own souls." - Lust for Life Track List Love Lust ...

“Cause we’re the masters of our own fate,
we’re the captains of our own souls." - Lust for Life

Track List
Lust for Life
13 Beaches
White Mustang
Summer Bummer
Groupie Love
In My Feelings
Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind
God Bless America – And All Beautiful Women In It
When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing
Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems
Tomorrow Never Came
Get Free

“You said you’d love me like no tomorrow,
I guess tomorrow never came.” - Tomorrow Never Came

It's never to late to be who you wanna be. And here she is, my favorite songstress with her new album. She is talented, always inspiring. Always inspires me all this time with her music, her voice, her lyrics, her ideas, her everything. And for me, this album is the best of all.
“This is my life, you by my side.
Key lime and perfume and festivals.
Taking our dreams, turning them to things.” - Groupie Love
Talking about this album, if I have to pick some favorite tracks then I will choose: Groupie love, Tomorrow Never Came featuring Sean Ono Lennon and Lust for Life featuring The Weeknd. Beside one of the song is featuring the son of my favorite Beatles, John Lennon, when I heard those three songs I feel that kind of loving feeling. That one unconditional love I self-claimed as our love, the feeling to play Lennon and Yoko songs that we would play all day long and the desire to dance until we get naked on the Hollywood sign. Wild thoughts. I always have wild thoughts. Also, not just about love, in this album Lana also talks about America, women, people and music festivals. Yeah, lust for life is not just about love, right?
Almost all songs stuck on my mind. I really love them all. She is feeling, she is emotion. Her songs are more than explicit lyrics. And her seductive voice is classic. Every records from her has its own unique touch, from psychedelic guitar, melodramatically dissonant string arrangements and now in this album she tries some new collaborators – from dark RnB to piano ballad, from The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, ASAP Rocky, to Sean Ono Lennon. With daisies on her hair and a very beautiful smile, she pours her soul and touch in every songs. And she is still consistent with her aesthetic. 
This is about changing, moving on, and being yourself. To breakthrough. To be true to your heart, be true to who you really are. The exact mood I am feeling right now. And as a mad fan who follows Lana from her first album where it was filled with loving the wrong guy and a relationship that was born to die, and you once felt like you was living in paradise, ultraviolence heartbreaks which ripped your heart to pieces and a melodramatic honeymoon phase. I feel it. I am feeling all my fucking feelings. The exact feeling Lana tells in every records she made. I can connect to it and they hit me really hard. And it’s time finally, where I’m crossing the threshold from the ordinary world. To the reveal of my heart. Undoubtedly, that will certain for. Just like Lana do. To get free and change. And to hold on to my desire, my lust. A lust for life, to keep me alive. I am keeping myself alive.
Thank you Lana, Lust for Life is really a beautiful one. It is really beautiful as beautiful as I thought it would be. And I can listen to them forever. And I am really happy to have one to listen with together. I found one. My lust for life, my groupie love which I hope will live for a very long time.
I am, indeed, very happy now.

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