“ Every piece of jewelry  tells a story. ” – Gem Hunt. ... I am that kind of person. That deep. That meaningful. I...

Every piece of jewelry tells a story.” – Gem Hunt.
I am that kind of person. That deep. That meaningful. I seldom wear jewelry, but when I do it must be a very special one for me. I have that one necklace with a blue sapphire pendant from my mother and a simple gold-colored watch from my father. Those two things I usually wear. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like wearing jewelry, of course, like is there any girl who doesn’t love jewelries? They shine, they glitter, they are really beautiful. Wearing a special piece of jewelry can give extra strength to some people. Like a shiny armor. It does.
So, here I am introducing you to one of Bali’s recent local jewelry brand, GLINT & GLAZE. GLINT represent the stone and GLAZE represent shiny metals. Located in Sanur, Bali, GLINT & GLAZE give us a new concept of jewels and take jewelry to the next level: limited custom-able design. Thus, you will have the one and only piece in the whole wide world. It’s unique and can represent your style, your character and it is handmade. GLINT & GLAZE make many kind of accessories from necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings, bros, clutch bag, head/hairpieces and the most innovative one: shoes. Yes, shoes from silver, just like Cinderella’s special slippers.

GLINT & GLAZE are always innovative in jewelry industry. On GLINT & GLAZE Meet & Greet, 28th of April 2017, they launch new formulation of gold: champagne gold and honey gold. For your information, there are 3 types of gold used for jewelry which are pure gold, white gold and rose gold. And the newest innovation of gold, champagne and honey, are one of GLINT & GLAZE trademarks. Champagne embody celebration, cheerfulness, and youth. This color is perfect for engagement rings, birthday presents or anniversary presents. And honey gold is the symbol of achievement, romance and love. An absolute color for wedding or other special occasions.


The Catamaran Heels  the one and only heels that made of 100% silver metalIt’s comfortable even it’s made from 100% metal structure. GLINT & GLAZE are the first jewelry company in Indonesia that made this heels from 100% silver material. They have made a complete research and used recent technology and of course their creativity and skill for a quite long time. The concept of this Catamaran Heels is “Walking on the Light” which this heels will shine very bright when used for walking. The initial ideas came from the owner who are also the designer of GLINT & GLAZE, Gus De Adva. He aspire to make GLINT & GLAZE the number one in jewelry manufacturer and Catamaran Heels as the masterpiece of the company.
For more information about GLINT & GLAZE, check their instagram page and facebook page. Hope you'll find your dream accessories to wear!

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