Remember that one impulsive thought I stated in my previous post  CONSTELLATION ? A day in Jogjakarta. And there I went. To Jogjakarta...

Remember that one impulsive thought I stated in my previous post CONSTELLATION? A day in Jogjakarta. And there I went. To Jogjakarta. This is not a travel blog anyway and I have no experience in travelling at all. So if you are looking for some travel tips or places to go, I am very sorry, I can't help anything. Here is just me collecting memories in this lovable region.
"Dear, Jogjakarta.
I am very happy to see you."
It was 19th of August and I was on the plane. Feeling so freaking excited. You know, I am not that kind of kid who gets permission to travel by my own easily. Never. Yeah, a very strict father with so much discipline at home. I was hopeless first. But, then he gave me the green light. And I was beyond happy. So, here I am now on the plane, sitting with stranger, no conversation. I was reading The "Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams Reaching Your Destiny" by Robin S. Sharma. I would say, it's a light self-improvement novel. Actually I didn't get much from the book, many sugary wise words and no much improvements or impacts for my life. But the one thing that got stuck in my head is about mind mastery. That one hard thing to do. Which I know very well that the quality of life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. Still, it is very difficult to master. Tired and uninspired. Oh, how could this tiny soul contains so many negativity.
Landed at 8, picked up by one of my best friends, Mega. Went for breakfast and then she and her older sisters brought me to Ullen Sentalu Museum. What is Jogja without its historical tales and its cultural heritage? I learned many stories about Java Culture and The Keraton especially about the Princesses. It was so much fun. I am interested so much in princesses and cultural stories. I really enjoyed the tour. But unfortunately, cameras are not allowed so we couldn't take any pictures. So sad, I couldn't share any photos from the museum here. We went to Malioboro and Beringharjo Market too actually, but I didn't take any proper photos there. Told ya, I have no experience in being a traveler. However I intend to upgrade my skill, at least in taking good travel pictures. How to? By traveling more often. Well, I hope so.
P.S Would like to announce that I have a new schedule for my blog post. So I will post regularly on Sunday and Wednesday. I'll try so hard to keep it up! Two more days to tell. So see you on Wednesday.

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