I've been obsessed with midi/maxi skirt lately and I am so contented with this maxi wrap skirt. The earthy brown and m...

I've been obsessed with midi/maxi skirt lately and I am so contented with this maxi wrap skirt. The earthy brown and mustard color in a delicate BATIK LURIK print. Lurik, is small stripes pattern from Java that is commonly used by the society for their clothes back then. And it is so much fun to take this detail to a whole new modern level. Oh, I really love Indonesian fabric so much, I've mentioned it many times before, haven't I? Playfully pairing it with any casual items in the wardrobe and today I am pairing it with a simple white top, a pair of comfortable sandals and a little round straw bag in the same color. Yes, I am ready to have my coconut drink and be the happiest girl on the whole wide island! Well, I may be a little bit exaggerating, but truth to be told, I am indeed very happy now. Please, allow me to say all those grateful words.
This Sunday I am exploring the very new colonial-designed place in Gianyar, RUMAH LUWIH. White walls, tall halls, vintage decorations, the ambiance is so homey. Brainstorming about life and ideas with my dearest friend on her long weekend escape in Bali before she leaves back to Jakarta. Oh, Summer! As always, I love those cherished memories of summer lingering in the air, waking up late to the heat of the sun, doing nothing but fun, no plan, no work, no deadlines, only enjoying the midst of summer letting fate be my guiding force. That spirit-free, happy-go-lucky and carefree type of mine.
Believing that everything in the universe is possible. I may seem aimless or directionless, I don't mind. But, sure, I do have my own goals, I do have my own dreams. I am just open for many options and curious about new things however, of course, I will always stick to my own standards and values. I am just flexible and adaptable. And I believe that independence, confidence and bold traits all modern girls and women should have, who knows what she wants and what she stands for are the characteristics of how I define beauty and femininity. Yes, I believe in good things, I believe in strength, I believe in sincerity, I believe in kindness, I believe in positivity, I believe in magic and love and hope and peace, I believe in possibilities. I am pretty authentic most of the time and now I am quite well-developed to this existential crisis eventually. As my singular mission is to find who the hell I really am and what I can do for other people and also for the world while I live, approaching with both the enthusiasm of a child and the wisdom of an old soul. And to achieve these goals, I will always keep learning, growing and developing. The collection of experiences unavoidably shape who I am today and who I will be in the future. And every single morning when I wake up, every single day in my life, I still spend every moment fighting to be the best of her. The best version of myself. And I'll keep being that kind of girl who sees beauty in everything, who are cheerful for all bliss and unfortunates, who sees kindness in and do kindness to every soul, who spreads positive vibes to other people and be open to uncertainty as a door that leads to endless possibilities.
Life is really amazing. No, I am not saying this out of the blues because of a period elevation of my mood. But if I feel down someday in the future, I do hope when I re-read this post, it will strengthen me and remind me of how I am truly blessed. The biggest stimulation that motivates and inspires me is when I take a moment to pursue new dreams and challenges. Pursuing myself out of the comfort zone to experience the unknown beyond. You may have ups and downs but remember to be grateful for every small and grand things. Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. And when you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. Open yourself to every opportunities and work every potentials of yourself because we do live in a world of endless possibilities with infinite outcomes. So, enjoy this adventure of being alive and see great things happen when you take a leap. Here, I am enjoying mine. Enjoying every little moments. Enjoying every endless possibilities of life. I hope you all do too.

Photos by: Ambarisha Karisma

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  1. Love your batik lurik rap skirt so much, also the color makes your outfit stand out ♪

    1. Hello Yudira, thank you for reading. Yes, the wrap skirt is really something, I really like the color too.
      Wishing you a happy day today anyway <3


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