This is the sequel to my previous post. Since this blog is a fashion blog at first, before it develops into random writings mostly ab...

This is the sequel to my previous post. Since this blog is a fashion blog at first, before it develops into random writings mostly about everything and nothing. Here I am going to share about some tips and tricks on picking outfits to music concerts or festivals.
I am sorry for the lack of pictures of myself on the previous concert because number one: I am not in the mood, number two: I am not in the mood and number three: I am not in the mood. Actually it was not the first music concert I went to, I have been into some in high school and college anyway. Most of the time I am wearing black and black and black. Black + denim is my favorite combo to music concerts. Yeah, I am feeding that grunge-rock&roll-rebel side of me. However, there are many ways to dress to music festival, from a very plain casual look to a fashion statement suit. You decide. So, here are some of my ideas and sets for some examples of outfits you can wear to rock the day at the concert.

The Casual Kid
#1 There will be a time when you are not in the mood to dress up and just want to enjoy the show. A simple shirt, jeans and a statement pair of shoes may be your favor. A perfect choice if you are so lazy to dress up in a theme to music concerts.

#2 Want to dress casual but also sweet and you don't want to miss that tropical summer vibes. This set will be your choice for the cool summer concert in town and suit your spirit free character. You are ready to have fun, baby!

#3 What is a band without its groupies? This rock and roll look is forever, moreover if you are a fan of rock/grunge/punk music. Pair any cool music/statement t-shirt with leather, jeans, or plaid prints. You can add some colors to your black day outfit with  some scarf with popping colors. And the best thing I like the most about this outfit is the combat boots.

Bohemian Rhapsody
#4 Another overflowing outfit that I would wear to a music festival. Bohemian style will always be an idea for concerts, that flower-child and happy-go-lucky look. Remember to add some edge to your light airy style. And also remember the fringe, it could be anywhere, your earrings, bags, clothes or shoes.

1. Important to check before you go...
The weather. It may seems unimportant but trust me, it is really important. Would it be sunny, rainy, stormy, snowy or whatever, you really need to know so you can prepare the clothes and supporting things you need. For example: if the forecast says it's going to be sunny you can pull out your summer outfits, purchase some sunscreen, buy a hat/a pair of sunglasses to keep yourself from the ray. Or in the other hand, when it is said that the weather is going to be a bit unfriendly like light rain or something, you can prepare your coolest jacket and of course an umbrella/rain coat. Yes, please check the forecast for sure before you go.

2. Another thing to keep in mind…
There are many ways to dress to music festivals, but here is my number 1 tip of all: wear everything comfortable. Because on site, the weather maybe be a little harsh and it would be an ocean of people. Wear clothes made from cotton I suggest. If you insist to wear high heels it would be okay but I recommend you to use some comfy flats because you would stand in front of the stage with hundred other people. For the sake of ease and well-being, I'll use flat soles or a low heeled boots/shoes.

3. Last but not least: be yourself...
Dress whatever you like. Be whatever you desire. Express yourself. Don't be afraid to mix and match anything you have in your wardrobe. But remember don't overdo it. You don't want to be that cheesy i-know-all-about-music-hipster-kid, do you?
So, I hope you have some insight after reading this post. Maybe a little. Don't worry too much and have fun on your festival, anyway. Enjoy every second there grooving to the music atond feel every heavy emotions. Sing your heart out loud. Live the moment to the fullest.

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