I am the type that wonder while I wander. I let the feeling infatuate me. As I see new places, meet new peop...

I am the type that wonder while I wander. I let the feeling infatuate me. As I see new places, meet new people, try new things, feel new feelings and being in new interactions, I see them like a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism. I will always, always looking for a deeper meaning. And as a new amateur traveller which only have been travelled 2 times by herself, I learn and aim to travel with purpose. Because just to travel is rather boring, there must be something you want to achieve, stories you want to tell, memories you want to keep. As the purpose of my journey is to replace my empty mind with an open one. I am eager for more new adventures ahead.
This is my last day in Jogjakarta. Time to say goodbye. Met wonderful new people and old friends, enjoyed places and of course enjoyed the remarkable concert in Prambanan. But still, three days aren't enough to explore all the exquisitiness. Before I went back home, we spend some time at Taman Sari Water Castle, a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Jogjakarta. Everything here, of course, the whole city too, is so kind and warm. I love the people. I love the humble tour guide who tells stories about the culture and history. I love the artsy fartsy murals on the wall. I love the calm scent of everything. Also, I remembered some detail emotions of the day before. My excitements, also my fears and anxieties. So here, lost in wonder again. All of the mixed feelings from these past three days. Though at last, we learned something. The city taught me things. Jogjakarta taught me about ease, comfort, gentleness, humbleness, dealing with the past, trust, courage and yearning. About giving your time.
"Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang kesederhanaan,
yang memberi ruang,
untuk mengerti lebih dalam makna kehidupan

Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang kelembutan dan kerendahan hati,
arti sebuah senyum tulus,
dan keindahan tutur kata manis

Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang kenyamanan,
tak perlu aneh-aneh deh,
Terasa akrab pokoknya aku betah

Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang keberanian,
Membuka peluang untuk hal baru,
Memberi kesempatan

Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang masa lalu,
jangan pernah dendam,
pada masanya Ia adalah bagianmu

Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang mempercayai kembali,
karena pada dasarnya,
aku bukanlah orang yang senang spekulasi

Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang kerinduan,
yang selalu curang
entah bagaimana agar berkurang.

Jogjakarta mengajarkan tentang waktu,
aku tahu tidak mudah
untukmu percaya kataku"
I will travel to other places again for sure, a promise to myself. I may not be that helpful travel writer that will write about practical guides of the place, instead I am going to write about the feelings. The feeling that I felt when I am there at the place at the time. Just like this, just like what Jogja gave to me, that huge admiration which still linger. It's both a blessing and a curse. To feel everything so deeply. However, I am so grateful. I am glad for everything. I am glad to feel all of those abundant emotions.

Photos by:  Sutha Saskara

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  1. Jadi kangen jogja, aku ke jogja kemarin waktu liburan lagi hip-hipnya. Tapi tetep dpt suasana tulus, sama sederhananya. Btw, that heart icon :3

    1. Hi, Adelia! Senangnya dengernyaaaa, Jogja memang ngangenin!

      Haha that heart icon, jadi malu hehe :3


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