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Track List
Hard Times
Rose-Colored Boy
Told You So
Fake Happy
Caught in the Middle
Idle Worship
No Friend
Tell Me How
"Low key, no pressure,
just hang with me and my weather." - Rose-Colored Boy
Life sucks, life is a bitch. Sometimes we are so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Then there comes the time when you decide to not care anymore and just go along with this life. No point for being sad and sorry about yourself. No point in crying your heart out anymore. It is truly tragic and sad as fuck but can't we just dance now?
I've been listening Paramore from their very first album. Have been that emo girl, like really really emo "emotion". It is hard for me to share my exact feelings directly and I often use music/lyrics and writings to express them. That's why music which I usually listen really reflects my feeling lyrically. And I write stuffs on my notebook/blog/tumblr to throw up all those emotion hidden beneath inside of me. I know, I should be more explicit, but I just can't. I kept them shut even though I really want to talk about it with other people. I am not an open book. Maybe I am just so good at hiding my true feelings. Or maybe I am just fake?
Hayley Williams is really a girl that inspire me. She is talented and she writes good music. And her soaring soprano voice is really powerful, she is really a pop-rock star. She seems very lively, bubbly, and happy. But, I see a hint of sadness in her music. She can hide all those sadness in metaphors and guitars. Take a look on Paramore's previous albums. It is all about sadness, anger, desperation, disappointments, fears and misery. It is about complaining and whining just like what high-school-ers do. It is about being powerful and strong even when we are broken-hearted. It is about trust no one and do whatever what you want to do. And in this very new album of Paramore "After Laughter" they didn't hide those feeling anymore, they make sadness fun. With a colorful vibe of 80's pop-rock, this album really gives me that light and happy feeling and I really want to dance. But also I want to cry a little bit longer yet the grief and fears are still there lingering. But then I feel a trace of hope and we should hold onto it if we got it. Maybe, we just get tired of trying to be powerful, tired of being so durable with all the pain and hurt the world offers, tired of being mad and angry, tired of betrayal and trusting people. Tired of people who come and go and then come again in our lives. We are all tired of all this sadness. And we should consider our life and let go all of the grin of last years.
And I never knew sadness could be this playful.

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