"I feel like we have known each other previously. Or is it me just wishing we had. And when love transcends romance, two peo...

"I feel like we have known each other previously.
Or is it me just wishing we had.
And when love transcends romance,
two people are kindred spirits."

Do you believe in soulmates? Do you believe in kindred spirits? Do you believe in twin flames? Do you believe in wonderwall? I may be too young and inexperienced to give an opinion, so if you ask me then my answer is I don't know. Or I may say,
I don't believe in them. But I believe that important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. And I believe in souls have wavelengths and vibrates and attracts. I bet kindred spirits are rare to meet. Maybe one day when I get older I can give you more precise answer about this.
Questions, insecurities, negative thoughts, fears. And as much as I always prevent myself to fall in love, though I try to resist I still want it allIt will damn hurt inescapably eventually. And once I let myself to fall, I fall too terribly hard. For love to ever last.
So, why fall in love when you know it's just going to hurt you again?
But, how to not fall in love when it’s the only possible option?
I found a quote from a book by Peter McWilliams which says "Two halves have no choice but to join, and yes, that makes a whole. But two wholes, when they coincide, that's beautiful. That's love." It has the point which I kind of agree. I don't want myself to be just a piece where I need to find another half of myself in another person to make me complete. Why would I? And this concept of wholeness if you really understand it, it will open your mind and change the way you see things. Well at least it changes mine. That one who will give his entirety genuinely as the person he truly is. And takes the fullness of who I am for who I am truthfully. Together being afraid of being vulnerable yet have courage to take the fall. Two persons who share the same fear of being hurt and fear of losing each other, also who share the same nerve to make things work, meet each other's needs in the long run and solve every difficulties together. Hand in hand, through this journey we call life. I don't know but maybe this is pretty much my concept of kindred spirits.
Photos by: Shinta Agustinningtyas

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