Track List:  ...Ready For It? End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran and Future) I Did Something Bad Don't Blame Me Delica...

Track List:
 ...Ready For It?
End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran and Future)
I Did Something Bad
Don't Blame Me
Look What You Made Me Do
So It Goes...
Getaway Car
King of My Heart
Dancing With Our Hands Tied
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Call It What You Want
New Year's Day
"We can't make any promises now,
can we, babe?" - Delicate.
I always love the idea of artists who take all in their-selves to create the most fine art. The idea of how writers put all the pieces in their head to create a well-written book. The idea of painters who paints with all colors of their heart to make a worth-staring portraiture. The idea of photographers who capture their idealism into one perfect shot. Or the idea of musicians who produce heart-touching musics and lyrics. They who work with their heart to create art.
I don't want you like a best friend
Only bought this dress
so you could take it off." - Dress.
That is probably the reason why I like to listen to Taylor Swift. No, I am not a mad fan of her but I followed her since her very first album. Fascinated by her cute, honest and innocent country music with hopeless romantic lyrics about love. She is just like us, the rest dreamy girls in the world, who fantasized about how romance should be. People may bashed her and laughed at her broken-hearted feelings that she turned into songs, but what is so wrong with a girl who transform her feelings into beautiful piece of music? I can relate. She is pouring every emotions she felt into art, which she choose music as the form.
"I wanna be your endgame,
I wanna be your first string,
I wanna be you’re A-Team." - End Game.
Actually I prefer the old Taylor to this new Taylor in Reputation. But, change is not something that bad I guess. She evolves through time, just like the rest of us. People change don't they? Creating new style of music that is different with her past albums. Reputation is bolder, stronger and braver. About lust, loss and revenge. Still self-referencing lyrics, full of energy and roman that get the listener to decode which kiss-and-tell related to which A-list former beau. I don't really care about which related to which, I am more about enjoying the music and relate it with my own feeling. Which song relate to which feeling/experience in my life. My favorite track would be End Game, Delicate and Call It What You Want. There is Ed Sheeran too in the End Game song which makes me more obsessed! Well, passion could really be Swift's life's work. And she really writes great music. I thought I wouldn't enjoy this album that much, but the fact is I really like it.

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