Right now I got to tell you about the fabulous most groovy bell bottoms . Inspired by one of the soundtrack in Baby Driver m...

Right now I got to tell you about the fabulous most groovy bell bottoms. Inspired by one of the soundtrack in Baby Driver movie, Bell bottoms by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in the beginning of the movie made me want to bring the groove from 1970s back. I am ready to burn the dance floor! I really look for one wide bottom jeans and found this one. I guess it is not really that wide, it supposed to be wider than this one anyway. More like 20 cm in diameter. Back to the past, wide bottom pants/jeans are often paired with Cuban Heels or clogs. If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you may know that I don't usually wear long pants and I am more a dress/skirt person. But I am loving this cool look so much now. And I don't usually wear bold color lipstick, however now I am interested in wearing some. Because life is tough and we need tough-colored lipstick to survive. I quoted that from my very best friend. Now everything is so vague. So, let's ditch everything and just be happy.
"Sometimes, all I want to do is head west on 20,
in a car I can't afford,
with a plan I don't have
- just me, my music and the road." - Debora, Baby Driver (2017).
Paired it with this plain black sweater, black boots and a red beret hat. Sweater weather, it is raining almost all the time here in Bali and I am having a very bad flu. I am also dreaded with the volcano activity of Mount Agung, which is really near my new hospital where I work right now (approximately 14 kilometer from the volcano!!!). No need to fret, yet I hope everything will be safe and sound. I'll keep myself harmless of course. I hope all people keep themselves safe too.
Talking about trusting and believing, people keep talking rubbish and bullshits, and rumors are spreading like hot cakes. Despite those bad words projecting towards me and you coming from irresponsible mouths and all gossips out of nowhere. Well, I don't care and I am so thankful for not being in the circle of phonies who love to talk about others which are pretty much totally not their business and they actually don't have the right because they know nothing. I just can't understand why people love gossiping so much. Less did I care because what matters to me are these lovely people around me who know who exactly I really am and how precisely the story was but still keeping everything low and say less to the surface. And above all great feelings, the feeling of being trusted and understood are so underrated. As for me, they are the greatest feeling of all. Say I am a fool again but when I say I believe in someone/something I believe it with 100% of my heart. As trust is not given easily and it requires a heart to understand, I believe in you until it is proven otherwise. One mantra which I always spell.
Photos by: Suwita Sari

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