"Her name is Daisy. Drifty, ever-shifting kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings. She is a pure dreamer, lost in her world of...

"Her name is Daisy. Drifty, ever-shifting kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings. She is a pure dreamer, lost in her world of wonder. An idealist, stands for her own value. How can one wants to be a mystery yet be known. To be together yet alone. She asked was it too much to be famous yet unknown. She also wants to be a wanderer yet desires a place to call home. A conflicted contradiction, travelling endlessly. Broken hearts and twisted minds, can we find one to rely on? Part of our deepest secret, can we find one worthy to peer into our very being? And from all who know how it feels precisely, made one a person one swore one would never be. Whether a mere excuse or the definite truth. As she believed that sincerity can conquer all. Perseverance.
Test her, see if she breaks. See if Daisy stays."

As a person with a dominant introverted feeling function, I am engaged deeply with my own emotions. Withdrawn, tend to hide them into fictional character or metaphor writings. Not so relaxed to share deep emotions directly, so I keep it for myself as if it is my own responsibility. Because it would be awkward, confusing and misunderstood. And as much as I found it easier to write them down, it was nothing compared to expressing feelings directly to the exact person. But I wasn't gifted to be one. Writing here on my blog is purely my way of self-expression. I have no intention of anything else. Although I write somewhat personal on my blog, I actually really don't like it when people invade my private space more than that, barging without permission into my inner world which I keep to guard. I am sorry but beside things I share spiced with story bound fragments,
my private space is off limit. INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving) based on Mayer-Briggs' 16 personality stereotypes. The idealist who always contemplate about the world, who they truly are and how they could help others. The feeler who feel way too much, romanticizing everything in life, using their emotion into almost every part. A rich inner world, yet I often secretly wish one is capable of tapping into it. But not just anyone. Talking about 16 Mayer-Briggs Personality types, as much as I am interested in it, 
I believe each individuals in this world are unique and human personality actually has a wide range of complexity to be simplified into binary categories and labelled into 16 stereotypes. I am sure that each individuals have these both two-folds of one and another.

After a thorough reading of my type, the INFP type, I found this really suits me. And I couldn't be more happier to know most people with INFP kind of personality are my favorite authors and musicians. I really love their work and really can relate to their art! I feel like I have a company, fellas who feel, think and dream like I do, one phrase to describe it: you may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one. I know this kind of stuff is just pure fun and somewhat lack of scientific proof here and there, but hey why not having pure fun doing things that make you happy? I am doing so much fun burying myself into certain songs, poems, movies and books lately. Again, lost in my world of wonder. I really have this incredible passion especially when I find a piece of myself hidden within.
Anyway, these are the pictures from 2014. Back to the past, I have this kind of idea once. A very silly one anyway. I pictured myself as if I was doing a gig with a band (I really want to be a singer, I wish my voice was that good, but unfortunately not) or I was an amateur new coming writer who publish a very first debut (hey, I really want to write a book, maybe someday?). Those are much of my dreams when I was a kid. Overdose daydreaming huh? I even prepared a stage/pen name for myself. Daisy Zoe. Yeah, her name is Daisy
Photos by: Aryatirta Predana
Currently listening to: Test Me - The XX 

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