Kissing 2017 goodbye. From the very start, it was a full mess. But, I can't hate 2017. Because half of it, was the best tim...

Kissing 2017 goodbye.
From the very start, it was a full mess.
But, I can't hate 2017.
Because half of it, was the best time
that'd ever happened in my whole life.
17 lessons from 2017:
  1. Work hard and believe in yourself. If you dream of something, work for it. Remember why you started, what your goals are. You can do all the good things you want to do, in your very own way.
  2. Never be over-confident or under-confident. Someone out there knows something that you don't know. Have more good light talk with new people, discuss and expand your knowledge and compassion.
  3. Life is not always about love and romance bullshits. Well, I am a hardcore hopeless romantic and I always love the idea of love, but remember life doesn't revolve around love alone.
  4. Life also is not always about you. When you think less about your own self and start to think more about how you can help people around you, your life can be more meaningful.
  5. Stop over-committing. Never waste any of your precious time on unnecessary people, circumstances or relationship.
  6. Even though I always see good in everyone, but not everyone is equally nice to you.
  7. But that won't stop you from being equally nice to everyone.
  8. Be both strong and soft skin at the same time. In every situation, always choose the kindest thing to do.
  9. Never took anything or anyone for granted.
  10. Always put your family first.
  11. The only thing cooler than being cool is being honest. Especially honest to yourself. Stay true.
  12. Sharing your private life online is kind of lame. Talking about other's private life is worse. Have fun with your own life and don't mind anybody's business.
  13. Start any new relationship slow and steady platonically.
  14. Trust in God's timing. He will give all the right thing that you want and you need, just in the very right time, when you are ready. You just have to believe. The universe is working. You should work and focus on building your own self too.
  15. You are not always happy. But, you don't always have to be. Why fear about experiencing sadness or grief when we can create thousands other emotions? There are more to experience other than just happiness that could actually make you appreciate happiness even more.
  16. Life sucks sometimes and you don't always get what you want. But keep try your best and don't waste your time thinking about things you can't change/control.
  17. Well the truth is life sucks many times. And I keep believing that things will work out eventually, I have a great faith about the future and I will always be a naive person. But this is what keeps me optimistic and not bitter when life goes the other way.
Well, I am filling my blog with a lot of personal and life posts lately. I would do more style and fashion post perhaps next, pardon I only have days off from work on weekends. For all the good and bad. Let's roll this new year, new me bullshits. But it doesn't matter, let us just trust the magic of new beginnings.
Anyway, happy new year 2018!

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