Track List: Green Light Sober Homemade Dynamite The Louvre Liability Hard Feelings/Loveless Sober II (Melodrama) ...

Track List:
Green Light
Homemade Dynamite
The Louvre
Hard Feelings/Loveless
Sober II (Melodrama)
Writer in The Dark
Liabiality (Reprise)
Perfect Places
Homemade Dynamite (Remix)
"We told you this was melodrama, our only wish is melodrama." - Sober II
I was never a fan of Ella Yelich-O'Connor. When Pure Heroine dropped in 2013, I enjoyed some of her songs, it was full of heart and nuanced writing, a masterpiece and a massive hit as well. And after a long haul, in 2017 she released her second album and I am loving every songs in it. Lonely piano chord still with electronic music and well-written lyrics. She captures emotions like none other. A sleek and humid pop full of grief and self-indulgence, crafted with the utmost care and wisdom. The ultimate message: how messy adulthood can be.
"I hear sounds in my mind, brand new sounds in my mind." - Green Lights
This about young woman finding her own conviction in unsteady circumstances. Involves about being single, a breakup, the hard feelings of love and the growing pains that feel endless. When all sweet words and fevers all leave us right here in the colds.
"Cause I remember the rush, when forever was us. Before all of the winds of regret and mistrust." - Hard Feelings
The lead single Green Light is about Lorde's first major heartbreak and the first chapter of the fluorescent years. The second track released from her sophomore album is Liability, a soft piano ballad that is more personal. And my favorite track of all is Supercut, a dream of an idealised relationship. Maybe it is just like me who idealised every positive part of it, more focused on how it should be rather than how it truly is and seems to be slightly blinded by my imagination and hopefulness. But when I reach for you, there's just a supercut.
"We keep trying to talk about us, I am someone you might love. I'll be your quiet afternoon crush, be your violent overnight rush. Make you crazy over my touch. But it's just a supercut of us." - Supercut
I enjoyed almost every songs, maybe because they just suit my mood right now. To succeed in heartbreak. But, fuck it. No one succeed in heartbreaks. However, happy or sad my songs are always sad anyway. But it doesn't mean that I am broken. Maybe I am just a little more explosive. And I need no pardon about it. So, next Wednesday I am going to review another music I am currently listening to. I am planning to be more productive in writing on blog starting this March. I still find it difficult to post on every Sunday and Wednesday, but perhaps I am not trying hard enough to achieve it so yeah I am going to try again. Beside, I am going to add a fashion tips post: "How To ..." post on my blog. Does it sound good to you, readers? Well, see you again this Wednesday.

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