"You see things, You keep quiet about them. And you understand." - A Wallflower.  ... Mistook me as a...

"You see things,
You keep quiet about them.
And you understand." - A Wallflower.
Mistook me as a wallflower, little did they know that beneath my stoic exterior there is fire. I am passionate about my principles. My heart burns with a desire to discover, change and grow. But passion never travels alone. It is always accompanied by at least of its companions: jealousy, fear, sadness and/or anger. Passion indeed moves us. How it moves us, however, differs.
"If I tell the world,
I'll never say enough
Cause it was not
said to you
And that's exactly what
I need to do
if I'm in love
Should I give up?" - Chasing Pavements
I was wearing a long bohemian embroided loose-fit ankle length vintage Turkish dress in marmalade color. I love this kind of style and I probably would wear more of this later, the bohemian vibe and ankle length clothes thing. Talking more about it, I might say I am kind of a wallflower and I am okay with that. Distance myself from the crowd and avoid being in the limelight. If I don't want to say anything, I don't need to say anything at all. I do that often. Being misunderstood because I don't say much words sometimes irritate me. But, being a highly observant person doesn't mean you are lack of social skill or something. I am okay with being one, to be a wallflower most of the time. It is more like I am often paying attention to detail or likely to simply watch life happen around me. As an introvert and a naturally shy also quiet person, I prefer writing 1.000 pages of ideas or maybe nonsensical poems to speaking in front of many people. Yet I understand that public speaking is a definite requirement to strive in our life, especially when it comes to career. I am not a good talker though, but then when I have to, I really have to. I am in the middle of my work now in the primary health centre which necessitate me to give health campaigns or health educations to the people. Also I have those daily conversations with my patients. I bet I would do this kind of thing more in the future, maybe I would give some health seminars, or present my research paper (oh, I hope so!) or bigger health talks with bigger audience? I learn that effective communication is a must to master. To be someone who can be chill as air, talk straight to the point, easy to understand with such empathy and attitude. Not only for the sake of my job as a general practitioner for my patients, but for other aspects in life. The relationship aspect, especially which I am concerning right now, my personal relationship. Some were not born with that gift. And one of those some is me.
"If I talk real slowly,
if I try real hard
To make my point dear,
that you have my heart." - For You.
Things don't always have to make sense to you to be right. I won't ask anything from you, I understand. And it won't be long until we're not wrong anymore, you and I. And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Photos by: Rizki Mega Aprilia
Currently listening to: Chasing Pavements - Adele // For You - Angus and Julia Stone 

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  1. You look so great!!
    I often met introverts, and I really wonder what are they thinking actually? And most of them talked many wonderful things and think in other perspectives.


    1. hello Mallisa, thank you so much for reading and dropping some kind words on my post. yeah, introverts love to keep it for themselves but we don’t mind if anyone ask us for opinion, we do love to discuss many things with people and listen from their perspectives also!

      I hope we can interact and discuss more things ♥️



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