Everything about blogging fascinates me. It used to and it still does. It is exciting mix-matching my outfits. It is thrilling when it ...

Everything about blogging fascinates me. It used to and it still does. It is exciting mix-matching my outfits. It is thrilling when it comes to the picture taking process. It is stimulating to write a well-written content. I really enjoy this kind of pleasure tests and tasks of blogging. I have been blogging since high school. Back then I had those busy years on my previous blog where I started to write sponsored blog posts, challenged to write as many posts as I could every week. Until then I had many month-long blogging breaks. Growth brought change in many levels, I changed my blog name to DARLING VINTAGE two years ago, staying with that name and started to commercialized it. Though I have blogged for years, but I am still an amateur. I don't even know the direction of this blog, still can't decide the type of this blog too. Is it a personal blog? I don't think it is, because my personal life is not that interesting and inspiring enough to be shared to the world. Is this a fashion blog? Yeah, it was at first, but I hardly post about fashion now. Is this a music blog since I wrote many album reviews? It is neither a music blog, I only share what I like and I am no expert about music. So, is this a book blog? I never write a well-written review of books I've read in spite the passionate attitude I have about reading. And this is not a travel blog also. This blog is somewhat scattered.
But to see how my blog changes and grows, to see I am still writing until this day, I feel somehow glad. How things come and go in life that fast and in this digital eras where all information spread as quickly as a bullet, blog is still my favorite place. To write a blog, it really takes more time and sometime it could be frustrating. It usually comes in longer paragraphs and more detailed chronology. It is more structured, organized and drawn-out. Between all of the hyperactivity connection of our digital society we are living now, where sharing is never enough and it becomes kind of repetitive, slowing down sounds as an option for me. I really don't mind to take my time to sit down, think, sip my drink and write things down. But couple of times I ask myself with some of these questions: Should we stop blogging? Do people read blogs anymore? What is your blog about anyway? Your blog stuck on the puzzle and you are not going anywhere, why do you keep writing? No one ever really reads your blog, what is your motivation to keep blogging? With so many other platforms that offer advanced interactivity, should I just give up on blogging? Should I stop blogging?

Di dalam hidup ada saat untuk berhati-hati,
atau berhenti berlari
Tawamu lepas dan tangis kau redam,
di dalam mimpi yang kau simpan sendiri.

You know what, the answer of all of those questions above is absolutely: No
, I won't stop blogging. There are times when I wanted to give up about blogging, times when I was tired and uninspired, times when I was sad and I cried a lot not knowing what to do. But, heart do heals, mind do opens and human do develops. And every since then I always come back blogging again. I always come to write again. Here are the reason why:

  1. Writing helps me. Everytime I stumble down, everytime I am having a sad sad sad and hard time, blog is where I called home. Despite of the periods I abandoned my blog, it always welcome me back with open arms and warmth. To spill out, writing all tears and pain I am bearing in a current period of time. To share happiness and moments I valued the most. Blog gives me time to grief and contemplate. To sort everything that happened in my life. All gratitude and sadness. All joy and lost.
  2. I feel safe. I can express my thoughts and feelings without being judged (well, if I was being judged I wouldn't fucking care). But here in this platform, I am away of being trapped into a habit of over-absorbing of watching and judging easily. And because it is slower here in the blog world, this is my break of proceeding. When everything is spinning so fast, slowing down is what we need. To arrange our own rhythm again. To take a break for awhile.
  3. It is quieter. To post without worrying about traffics and what so ever, in the midst of creating more likes or raising followers, to blog is simply about just to share. To keep everything you want to keep, to track back and re-read what you have once thought, felt, loved, hated, experienced. If my contents amuse and inspire you, it would be nice. If my writings are kind of helpful for my readers then it would be a great reward for me. But, if my blog is none of your cup of tea then you wouldn't mind if I keep writing.
  4. I fucking love everything about blogging. It is not as instant as other kind of platforms (for example let's take instagram where we can share pictures and write long captions too as easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy), it is not as popular as other kind of platforms (for example let's take instagram again where most of the digital society is there to share many contents), but blog offers me more thorough and slower writing process, designing a substance that is not only entertaining but also thoughtful. To write stories that compiled with more details. To create a better content, more careful, and more understanding towards everything.

It is one's choice to blog, to continue blogging or to stop. It is one's choice to read my blog or not to read it. It is one's choice also to choose what kind of platform they find suiting their ideals and there is nothing wrong with using multi social media accounts to stay connected. If you love instant sharing, instagram would be your pick. If you are more contented with videos then you must enjoy youtube so much. So, I come to a conclusion that blogging is the platform that fitted my idea of proper sharing method. And since I've been awhile from blogging, this is the point I am going to pick the scattered pieces of my blog and write again. I mark this as a start of new commitments with my blog:

  1. This blog is a style blog. From the first time I write a blog, I post about my personal style. And I would remind myself to write more post about styling including personal outfit post, styling tips and fashion trends in the moment. I am now working for my own clothing brand with romantic themed named EVOLEL. I will share more about my work on blog, well I hope in two or three months.
  2. I will share about books and music which I am currently into on my blog also. I will try to make a good and helpful review. So maybe it would help you to choose what kind of books to read or what kind of music you probably would try to listen.
  3. I will share about a lot of personal things added with fictional fragments. It is like writing a fictional story and I find it electrifying. I am going to add a new section: POEM where I write poems in Bahasa Indonesia or English about my current feelings toward something. Next post is going to be my very first poem anyway! I am kind of excited.
  4. Some travel post. I do love seeing new places even though I don't travel much. I have no guarantee that I will offer a travel guidance that will help, but well, why don't I give it a try.
  5. Passion, anything I am passionate about. Anything my heart is fancying about. I hope you don't mind if I write everything that I would like to keep closest to my heart.
So, let's get started! As the first baby steps I take in picking the scattered pieces of my blog, here I share my first style post after awhile within this post.

What is my personal style anyway? I could go from a very feminine one to a tomboyish in a blink. Today I decided to be feminine with a white off-shoulder top and a flowery wide pants. And to add more delicate detail, I add a pink pastel laced-up heels. I love how this pants is giving volume to my body and how the frilling detail from the off-shoulder top is giving me a touch of romantic look. It's such an comfortable piece for a leisurely days after a full week of work. I won't rant much about my work, beside I am really enjoying my days working (well, I am a fresh employee anyway, let's see how this loving-work-feeling last). And pardon my books, I just bought three books at once (and I am willing to add two more books!). Feeding my brain with these books, promise you, I will make a helpful review on blog as soon as I finish reading them.

Saat kau menerima dirimu dan berdamai dengan itu,
kau menari dengan waktu,
tanpa ragu yang membelenggu - Taifun

I have just started these little baby walks again. And I am going to enjoy every milestone from now on. As a closing statement, I would like to say thank you to many bloggers who are still there who inspired me to keep blogging and for many blogs out there which I keep reading as my daily dose of muse, creativity and insightful perspective. I wish I could return the favor of inventiveness in my own way through this blog of mine. If you are a fellow blogger or just a blog reader, please leave me a comment (and your blog address) so we can start visiting each other and exchange contents, not for the sake of exposure but for real bonding between human beings. Last but not least, I would like to say my appreciation for you who are still reading my blog until today. And for those who are struggling in writing a blog too (or whatever things you are currently working on now), I hope you never give up on what you are passionate about.

Photos by: Rizki Mega Aprilia
Location: Sala Bistro
Currently listening to: Taifun - Barasuara 

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