"Hey, j’ai vu ton mec Avec une autre fille Il semblais dans un autre monde Go caucher, Sund...

"Hey, j’ai vu ton mec
Avec une autre fille
Il semblais dans un autre monde
Go caucher, Sunday girl."

Another Sunday, another blog post. Bonjour! I really want to learn this language so bad. I can listen to one speaking in French all day without knowing what they are saying! Those above are some lyrics from the song "Sunday Girl" by Blondie. My perfect soundtrack for every Sunday. The weekend mood really can make me feeling good. 
♪...I know a girl from a lonely street, cold as ice cream but still as sweet, dry your eyes Sunday Girl. Hey, I saw your guy with a different girl, looks like he's in another world, run and hide Sunday Girl...
I went to the beach last weekend, decided to wear something suitable for summer. And this mini dress is a perfect suit. Dressing for summer is always a fun thing to do for me. I love the colorful color options to burst summer vibes, the light fabrics to beat the heat and how to swirl-twirl dancing under the sun. My very favorite part is the swirl-twirl part and this dress is just so delicate. You see, I am holding a book. It is an old book I found in a charity for only 1$. Spoiler, I am going to write a book review after this post about classic books around the world, one of the book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I've been busy lately making my way to have my own clothing line. I failed multiple times, but I am not giving up. I am still trying to make this dream of mine happen. So many work to do, so I cut my time online, period. I have anything to update and I found spending times on those kind of medias are kind of unnecessary. Yeah, since last year I have this love-hate relationship with social medias and I have written several blog posts about it. And right now, limiting my time using those medias are somewhat important, I need to focus on myself and have time for my own. But, I kind of miss my blog. Tired and uninspired, myself need some break and refreshment. Being away is not bad I guess. Muting myself because I am so sick of all shits. This hermit mode of mine would continue on. I decide to avoid things and persons who would possibly add drama to my life. ♪...Baby, I would like to go out tonight, if I go with you my folks'll get uptight, stay at home Sunday girl...
I can't wait to update more on blog about everything. About my work, about other books I've been reading. Oh, May… May is coming in days. Busier month ahead I guess. I will keep working hard next month and may everything go well. May the days be as blissful as possible too.
Photos by: Rizki Mega Aprilia
Currenly listening to: Sunday Girl by Blondie 

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