"If I can't get the things I want, If I can't get the things I want, Just give me what I need." - On The Train ...

"If I can't get the things I want,
If I can't get the things I want,
Just give me what I need." - On The Train Ride Home
Track List:
Nothing More Than That
On The Train Ride Home
Between The Houses
Only One
It's Not Like You
Standing In The Rain
How Long
The Paper Kites is an indie rock-folk band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2010, consists of Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen. They have released 2 EPs and their debut album "States" was released in 2013. Their second record "twelvefour" was released on 28 August 2015. It's been three years, after teasing their fans with teasers, they finally surprise dropped their new album, On The Train Ride Home.
"And how long we've been wishing
For the things that we're still missing." - How Long
People, many of my friends, mistook me as someone who likes anti-mainstream music. It's not like I don't like popular songs or something, I enjoy popular songs, too. But, my favorite kind of songs are songs with deep and meaningful lyrics. That is the main reason why I always love to discover indie records. Most of them are so personal, about self-expression in their own creative ways, exploring every possible ways to voice a certain kind of issue/feeling. I've been following The Paper Kites since their first and second EP album, Bloom and Woodland. Their music is soothing and calming. Folk with its delicate acoustic guitar. Their second album, twelvefour, is my favorite. Expressing mostly about love, the concept of the album was 'songs written between hours of twelve and four AM', hours where we hide most of our feelings under our pillow, think and dream about many stuff. Hours when our true feelings revealed.
"I think it's time to be your only one,
I think I am ready to be your only one." - Only One.
Talking a wee bit about this album, my favorite song is of course "On The Train Ride Home". I feel in love just in the first second. Their songs always give me that kind of comfort to the heart. We all have dreams and things we want. And this song is about the unachievable. We are allowed to have things we desire like someone to grow with, song we can sing to, family we can cling to or any other kind of dreams. Sometimes we can have it, sometimes we can't. And it is okay if we don't understand why and how hard this life can be. This song is really beautiful! Another song that also capture my heart is "Only One". How people interpret lyrics in a song might be different for each and every individuals and it's okay, that's the great thing about lyric interpretations. "Only One' is like a reminder. For all these past times, I only gave myself half a life and I didn't really know myself. So, I think time it's time to be my only one. I am ready to be my only one.

There are total eight tracks in this album and all of them are worth to listen. A good company for your cozy hours, songs to listen on your way back home or in your room after a long day before you sleep. And if you have time too, have a check on their Youtube channel to watch their music videos. Most of them are brilliant, inspiring, ingenious. They make you feel something. This band is really something.

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