"This is a love letter for anyone who struggles to believe in themselves, the one who is not comfortable in their ...

"This is a love letter
for anyone who struggles to believe in themselves,
the one who is not comfortable in their own skin
and has no idea who they are
This is a love note
for they who keep comparing themselves to others,
they who always think they are not enough…"

The topic of self-love is everywhere these days. It might seems powerless at first, unseen by most. We hardly see that the connection we have with ourselves as a "relationship". We barely see that self-respect, self-care and self-appreciation as something really important to work for. Or that was what I thought back then. Something I left behind. But as I see things, as I experience more encounter and as I grow, I am starting to take this love and relationship with myself more seriously. Because ultimately, it is the most significant relationship in our entire life.
"There wasn't an ounce of self-respect in my bones,
misery was born from this very fact
And this wasn't entirely anyone's fault
As I began to love myself,
offering gentleness to my past, present and becoming
be the love I never received…."
The reason I am writing this is not for the sake of saying that right now I am in a state of mind I want to be in like all the time. But I want to share the idea of "falling in love with yourself again" again and again and again. Because "loving yourself" is a difficult thing to do. So take this as a letter, as a note, as a reminder for my dear readers, and of course, for myself. We all do have those dark and broken days. We all do. And it is so human to have those kind of dark times in our life. And feeling those such of feelings (failure, broken-hearten, sad, disappointment, anger, betrayal, all those bad feelings), we will and perhaps must feel it. But the most important part, after all, is to accept and fall in love with ourselves again and again and again, always then finding our strength back again. The most significant thing is that we heal, our heart always heals. And one thing to always remember is we are all worth being loved by everyone including our own selves. And nobody in this whole universe that can say we are not worth a bit.
It is okay to stand up for yourself when someone treats you wrong. It is okay to choose things for the sake of your well-being. It is okay to have boundaries and say no when you don't feel like doing. But don't mess self-love with self-centered. Self-love is not selfish, it is not rude of self-seeking. It doesn't brag or puff-up, it doesn't compete or fight. It is fine to always be you genuinely. It is fine to have your own peace in you. It is fine to have a dream/goal you want to pursue. Self-love starts within and flows outward. It gives in abundance with nothing to hide, nothing to prove. To be unapologetic about the things that make you happy, the things that inspire you, the things you want to achieve, the one you want to be. Choosing to show yourself grace over and over again no matter how unworthy you may feel of it. Accepting everything inside of you, the scars, the bruises, the quirks, every bit of stunning humanity. Holding your strengths, failures, longings, and dreams close and taking moments to reflect on how these things impact the person you are becoming. But at the same time, remembering that you are enough and loved, just as you are. And today is the day I fall in love with myself again. I encourage this message to others, my sisters, my friends, my blog readers, everyone who need to fall in love with their selves again to do, too. You have done well, you survived, you do have a strong heart. You are more than enough.

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