June 2018. A month full of work and deadlines. A month filled with joy and love. I was mostly absent on writing but I wa...

June 2018. A month full of work and deadlines. A month filled with joy and love. I was mostly absent on writing but I was really enjoying every single bit of life delightfully. Some plans didn't go through the way I wished, but in the end I didn't mind. When we focus on what we are missing in our life, on things that we don't have, then every bliss would never be enough. Overloaded work, night shifts, time-consuming long drive, eating junks, procrastinating tasks until near deadlines, having my thoughts running into ideas I never put into realization and being overwhelmed by unnecessary worries and fears. I guess, most of the time we take this whole life for granted. So, every once in a while, let me collect some words of gratitude. Gather all little things in the back of my hand, being blessed and thankful for all that happened.
Life seems to be so slow when we think too much about it. Our wants, our needs, our ideas, our egos. Imprisoned by our own thoughts that we become impatient. Then we rush against time trying to figure out the meaning of every events. Life runs, too. Always run. And it becomes hard to catch when we complicate things. Every moments keep flashing, fading in the blink of our eyes. Leaving us hunger for things that maybe is actually consuming us. Leaving us tired from all the chasing of the world. Maybe, if we take a pause from the running and pace things slowly for once, we could enjoy what simpler life could bring. It was me at home after a week full of work out of town. It was having a good talk with my mom and sisters in the car when we went out shopping. It was listening to my dad and brother's conversation while they watch football match in the living room. It was my first dinner with Angga's family. It was three boxes of pizza on my mom's birthday. It was taking Polaroid photos. It was a stroll with my dog in the morning. It was a night sleep over with my best friends. It was one fine Sunday at home in my room with my books I could finally read after three shifts on weekend in a row. It was singing to Angga's favorite music in his car. It was wearing pretty dresses that I like. It was kissing, cuddling and laughing in bed together. It was stopping to see and smell wild flowers on the road. It was being a part of where I know I am surrounded by love. It was looking at the mirror every morning smiling at myself that I can make it through all these days and another day today.
All the little things. I couldn't ask for more. June, thank you.

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