From which stars have we fallen to meet each other here?
Whether an old friend or a new stranger, we meet here by chance;
as souls that resemble attract inevitably."
Dias, 2018
My name is Diaswari Predani and I am the author of this blog. Spent my childhood in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. And now living in Paradise, Bali, exploring every exquisiteness of the island.
As I grow and change, the blog changes too. Rewriting my blog again with a brand new name, DEARLY DIAS, in January 2019. Describing my personal style as Vintage-Modern, Feminine and Romantic, this blog becomes my personal window to the outside world to express my overflowing wardrobe, ceaseless wanderlust, intriguing ideas, burst of emotions, collection of poems and cherished memories in my life. It is an open door to life’s endless possibilities. Though everything will still change and every flash of moments will be gone within a blink of an eye, I will keep some of them here safely as my magic sanctuary. Happily married to the man behind the camera who helps me capturing every wonderful moments. Continue enjoying this journey called life, being the collector of every fleeting memories and a story-teller of every emotions and experiences.
Treasuring and keeping them closest to the heart.