The Author

Dias Predani. She is just a girl. Loved and blessed beyond words. Born in Paradise Island on September 29, 1993. Spent a wonderful childhood in New South Wales, Australia and now living in her hometown, Bali, as an islander, an ocean child, enjoying every beauty in the island.

Curious and creative, she finds wonder in many things. She pours her feelings into words and pictures instead of saying it. She likes to collect memories, she keeps them forever, all the good and the bad ones. This blog is like a quite witness that can speak out loud, a world she creates, a little world that evolves around her. She started to make her own platform in 2015 named DARLING VINTAGE BLOG. This blog becomes her personal window to the outside world to express her overflowing wardrobe, ceaseless wanderlust and cherished memories in her life and also as an open door to endless possibilities.

Beside blogging, she spends her time dealing with her patients and diseases, comforting and curing the best she can. She also loves to read books, listen to indie musics or just daydreaming of everything sweet and nice. Her dream is to study abroad and exploring the world. There are so much more that she want to see, so much more that she want to learn.

Welcome to her blog, DARLING VINTAGE BLOG.

DARLING VINTAGE | a blog written by Dias Predani since August 2015.

Welcome to the dreamy world of Dias Predani. Here to share about personal wardrobe choices, pretty places, random thoughs and experiences in her life. La vie en rose, how she sees though her rose-colored glasses to look at the positives in life and not to dwell with the negativity.