From which stars have we fallen to meet each other here?
Whether an old friend or a new stranger, we meet here by chance;
as souls that resemble attract inevitably."
Dias (from She & the Sea), 2017

My name is Diaswari Predani and I am the author of this blog. I am just a girl. Spent my childhood in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. And now living in Paradise, Bali, exploring every exquisiteness of the island.

More about me, I am the girl next door. An INFP. That shy girl with a loud and restless mind. What I know for sure about myself is that I am an avid reader and a passionate writer. Inspired by love, I decided to write a blog. This is my personal blog, a little space I create for my own where I can be safe and sound. A place where I can feel less vulnerable. Reading and writing become my way to escape and hide from the world for a while. And I found it much easier for me to express my feelings through written words. Which I speak louder with letters than by shouting it directly. Thus, I decided to pour all my feelings into words and pictures, poems and photographs. And blog gives me both opportunities.

As I grow and change, the blog changes too. This blog evolves around me. From old blog name to a new blog name. From old blog address to new address. New concepts, new style writings and old to new readers. From the old me to the new me. Because, we always change, don't we? And until today this blog becomes my personal window to the outside world to express my overflowing wardrobe, lovely tunes I am listening to, ceaseless wanderlust, burst of emotions, collection of poems and cherished memories in my life. This blog also becomes an open door to life’s endless possibilities.

Beside writing, I am a full time medical doctor. Dealing with patients and diseases, trying to comfort and cure the best I can. With a dream to study abroad and explore the world one day. I know there are more things to see, more things to learn, more things to do. I want adventure in a great wide somewhere. And as a personal reminder, this blog becomes my pause, my break in proceedings, where my time and myself become limitless. It’s like my personal cue when I am weak, where in every written word I find my strength back. And I feel endlessness for a while. Though everything will still change and all memories will be gone within a blink, but I will keep them here. Continuing this journey, being the collector of every fleeting memories and a story-teller of every emotions and experiences in my life. Treasuring every moments and keep them closest to the heart.