" I can't remember much more , b ut I know it happened quiet , so quiet…" - It Happened Quiet (Aurora) ...

"I can't remember much more, but I know it happened quiet,
so quiet…"
- It Happened Quiet (Aurora)
I know I erased pages about my relationship in this blog. I am adjusting myself to welcome this happiness and embracing little things in life that made me fall in love again. I am scared to share too much online so I decided to keep my relationship story only for me, keeping them closest to my heart. Because there are things that I think are meant to be kept privately, things only be spoken when the time is right. This blog has been a friendly companion of my story-telling journey since I was in school until now I enter the other stage of life. And I think the person who were there for this blog and, surprisingly, are still here and has always been here deserves a special mention.
I still can't believe the fact that he is no longer my boyfriend or my fiancé. He is now my husband. Always a friend and now my forever best friend. It's overwhelming, it's exciting, it’s magical, it’s wonderful, it's crazy. The amazing kind of crazy. We were both surprised because the one that we've been searching for this whole time is the one we never expected to be. The one who is there, passing silently in our everyday lives, but we didn't realize yet. We have known each other since high school and we went to the same college. He helped me a lot with my blog photos and we both think we are a good working partner. That was it. The only discussion we had back then were just about shared hobby. Never in our wildest dream that one day we will be each other's husband and wife.
We met again on our colleague's wedding in the middle of 2018, the very first time I went out for social gathering after caving in avoiding people. Darkest year of my life, I spent the whole 2017 being so sad and heartbroken. As if things were never going to be okay. As if I was never going to be okay. And after a year and a half of seeing each other,  he asked me to be his forever without a kneeling on proposal, without a booming announcement or a fancy dinner, just a simple statement, a deep conversation between us, that he chooses and wants to spend the rest of his life with me, voluntarily.
And if I am being honest, I don't think we realize we love someone until we do. There is no loud firework sounds in your heart or neon signs that suddenly light up to let you know that you have found your favorite person. There is no craving feeling or fast heartbeat that gives you a blast of euphoria just to slowly fades as the excitement is gone. Yet, everything is serene and peaceful. That one day when we are sitting across from each other, watching each of us telling the same story we've heard plenty times and everything inside just feels so safe. In the midst of the crowd, or the background noise, or the chatter of people, time slows down for a moment and there it is. We realize just how deeply we care about each other. Like the ground outside the window or as I land like a flower on the meadow. Love is wild.
Love is quiet.
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  1. Berkunjung ke blog ini lagi, dan turut bahagia untukmu Dias 😊 Selamat memasuki babak baru dalam hidup dengan petualangan baru, semoga kalian berdua semakin dikuatkan & saling menguatkan satu sama lain dalam kebaikan. Masih sama, visual yang dibawa di blog ini selalu berhasil menyentuh. Salam dari Jogja 👋


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