"The heart always been linked to bravery. Even the word courage derives from the Latin 'cor' which means 'heart&...

"The heart always been linked to bravery. Even the word courage derives from the Latin 'cor' which means 'heart'."
- Heart A History, Sandeep Jauhar
Trauma is not my cup of tea. Intriguingly, now I work in an acute trauma centre where most of the cases are accident, injury, fracture or any other emergency cases that need immediate response of treatment. These are cases that I usually avoid when I was in medical school. But then I learn many skills here, not only clinical skills, but also soft skills such as communication and confidence. I remember one night shift, it was 4 in the morning and I was with a senior ER nurse handling one trauma patient. He knew I was lost in my thoughts about the last patient, searching for the answer of the 'why' and 'how' that were running in my head. I found myself still unsure when I have to manage a trauma case. But he gave me a tap on my shoulder while saying "It's okay if there are things that you are not sure about, but at least make the patient comfortable. Every trauma patient will come to you freaking and panicking, so you have to remain calm and give them reassurance that we are trying our best to help them. Maybe that is some advices I can give to a young doctor like you."
And that is when I remember the aphorism of "To cure sometimes, to relieve often and to comfort always" by William Osler. A general truth about my profession, a reminder that our role as a comforter must provide the basis of our care regardless of whether we can relieve suffering or cure disease, which most of the time we cure nothing. And that night shift also change my perspective about learning. Once a person stop searching for information and knowledge, ignorance sets in. Graduating from medical school was not the end of my learning but actually it was the beginning of the on-going voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. I still need to read and learn many things for the sake of my patients. So, I can give my best recommendations. Also, I am still learning to believe in my own self no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty and no matter the adversity. Confidence is a skill. I need to do shits that scares me until it doesn't. Courage, dear heart… and the voice, she felt sure.
Photos by: Suwita Sari

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